Monday, September 10, 2012

Sick and tired of HOPE?

From The Editors of Taki's Magazine, "An Overdose of Hope" (September 8, 2012):
The Democrats are done weaving their web in Charlotte, and wow, what a web it was—an intricate lattice of multicolored Silly String that included everyone and said nothing.

Did you know that Democrats like the blacks? And the Hispanics? And the gays? And women? We didn’t know that. Now we do.

Did you know the Democrats have a plan to make the next four years better than the last four? Really? We didn’t. And after watching their convention, we still don’t.

We’ve all moved forward out of the Stone Age and progressed as a society to the point where black men can make death threats against Barack Obama, Hispanic female delegates feel unafraid to say they want to kill Mitt Romney, and everyone’s cool with it! ...

Because Republicans are the only party that makes things racial, the DNC was blacker than a family reunion at the Atlanta Airport Holiday Inn. Democratic strategists are obviously worried about the zero percent of black voters that currently support Romney and decided to aggressively target that zero percent with an endless parade of melanin mouthpieces.


bill bannon said...

Actually I talked to a black Sunday who voted for Obama and now is going to vote for Romney entirely based on Obama supporting gay marriage. Watch. All fundamentalist blacks like Holiness church will drop away from Obama on Bible issues like gay marriage. Admit it Phil. Both parties are awful. Larry Cudlow on CNBC asked Ryan for specifics on his budget and he breezed right past answering it as others have noted he does. The debates are going to show moderators nailing Ryan or Romney down to details ( aren't you guys just reducing fed taxes so states can raise them...and calling that subsidiarity?). I may vote for R and R just as a lesser evil but I'll hold my nose. Two millionaires ( Ryan by marriage) reducing medicaid which pays for working people in skilled nursing homes after going through their savings first at $60,000 per year. Ryan, thanks largely to his wife's inheritance, is safe from that area which he would cut for you. Stay in shape Phil. No cheeze, no eggs, no fatty meat, no ice medicaid. And save a million dollars which by that time will cover you in a skilled nursing home for 6 years. At the end of six years, you'll receive an eviction notice from the nursing home. Tent city under an over pass is next. It's called Borgia rightwing Catholicism....I,Ryan,married u doin'?

Pertinacious Papist said...

I think you're right about black Fundamentalists, Bill. In California they showed more sense than whites on same-sex "marriage."

Of course both parties stink, as you put it. It's a matter of which is headed toward Sodom and Gomorrah quickest. Republicans are already backing away from taking clear stands on some social/moral issues. At least Democrats have the courage of their "convictions": "Yep, you betchya! We're all for killing babies!" Wish the Republicans had a complementary forthrightness. I don't think anyone in his right mind has any doubts about which party's candidates are pushing the country most quickly toward the greased skids to hell, however.

One thing we've got to get straight, as much as the economic issues are critical (we're rapidly heading toward the tipping point in deficit spending), that isn't the issue really animating this election. Look at the recent DNC and who was trotted up, by turn, to the podium. They were all people pushing different social agendas -- minorities, gays, blacks, immigrants, etc. I doubt seriously whether Dems really care about the economy as long as they can fund their social entitlement programs. The Republicans express legitimate concern about the economy, but the real issues are also social issues. The trouble is, they're wishy-washy on them. Not individuals like Santorum and Ryan. But the national Republican organization is simply embarrassed by Tea Party concerns about social issues.

Hence, the election is really a referendum on which side of the Culture War you're willing to fight for. Trouble is, the fight is between two parties headed more quickly or more slowly, respectively, in the same direction.

Robert Allen said...

Oh Bill Bannon!
Don't you cry for me,
I'm bound for yonder tent town
Thanks to Romney & Romney.

How do people like Ryan square their Catholicism with supporting capitalism? Have they even heard of Rerum Novarum, The Servile State, or Catholicism, Protestantism, and Catholicism? The disconnect between our Lord's "preferential option" for the poor and their own support of policies tilted in favor of the wealthy has always puzzled me. How pro-life is that?