Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More same-sex pontifications among Lutherans

"How long did you think it would take?" (Pastoral Meanderings, September 14, 2012). Even some ELCA Lutherans seem to be waking up to the problems here.

Problems? Of course: "Better off with mom and dad" (NCR, July 6, 2012) rehearses the history of the debate, citing a recent parenting study that questions the politically correct view:
For the past decade, a cadre of social scientists has claimed that kids raised by homosexuals show “no differences” from kids raised by opposite-sex couples. Now, a large national study of the well-being of young adults reared in different types of families challenges this widely circulated “no differences” thesis.

In the June issue of Social Science Research, University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus reports that Americans ages 18 to 39 who grew up in families where either parent had a same-sex romance fared significantly worse on 25 of 40 measures. They were three and a half times likelier to be unemployed and almost four times likelier to be on public assistance than children raised in biological, intact mom-and-dad marriages. Children reared by same-sex-wooing adults were also more likely to have been arrested, to have pled guilty to a minor criminal offense, to smoke marijuana, and to have thought about suicide during the previous year.

Regnerus’ “New Family Structures Study,” which screened more than 15,000 Americans and interviewed nearly 3,000, radically challenges the previous scientific consensus. Read more here >>
[Hat tip to Sean Fagan]


JM said...

Well, this is really not extremely far from the anecdotal approach of our very own Christoph Schönborn, who can't imagine keeping a truly good gay guy off a parish council. It all returns, again and again, to not whether gays can effectively raise kids (after all, Tarzan came out fine raised by unusual parents) but whether or not homosexuality is a sinful practice. But that is exactly the question which is hardly if ever squarely addressed in public anymore.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

The "no differences" thesis is absurd on the face of it. I cannot believe that anyone interested in the truth would accept it. It is accepted for reasons of political gamesmanship and ideological advancement.

Protestants accept it because protestantism is the lapdog religion of American capitalism, for which homosexualism is simply another market to which to peddle product. Even a fundamentalist like Pat Robertson, who condemns homosexualism with great fire, fills his program with stock market tips and financial advice, oblivious to the fact that it is the market which takes the lead in legitimizing profitable abominations.

Actually, if it hadn't been for the recent wave of revelations regarding the homosexual and pederast inclinations of a great many priests (and even bishops), I would suspect that we would have seen a significant buying into the "same sex parents" thesis by Catholic "leaders." As it stands, I would be curious to know just how militant Catholic Charities outposts have been in rejecting homosexual couples as parental candidates.

Anonymous said...

You will be interested to know that through records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act Dr. Regnerus Colluded with the Witherspoon Institute which provided $685,000 in funding to Regnerus.

Cynic said...

Hello, "Anonymous."

Wow, I suppose this discredits the independent board that investigated his study and found it free of illicit distortions, then. There's a sound logical argument!

Thanks for pointing that out. Now I know that any political party funded by the likes of Soros can't be trusted. Brilliant.