Sunday, February 20, 2011

Green farming in urban Detroit

"Brother Nature Farm in Corktown, Detroit" (YouTube, December 10, 2010). Corktown is just West beyond the M-10 overpass on Michigan Avenue, an easy walking distance from anywhere in downtown Detroit.

[Hat tip to C.B.]

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Roger said...

For someone who has lived in Detroit most of his life, as he says, has a poor understanding of what went wrong with Detroit. What went wrong with Detroit wasn’t because of Detroit being a manufacturing based economy. The wealth of any country, economy or ability to defend itself, is from its ability to manufacture products in a free market system. We still manufacture products including automobiles everywhere it just isn’t profitable for a company to be doing it in Detroit. There are many places to attribute blame for this, but instead we need to invite prosperity back to Detroit. We can work together and make this happen as soon as we become givers instead of takers or in other words stop worrying about what is in it for me and give our best effort without expecting anything else back. This is what the gospel was about today that I didn’t hear in the homily, we don’t deserve God to love us, but He does! Love your neighbor doesn’t mean to expect love in return.