Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fr. Z on why trads find Instruction rumors disturbing

As indicated by our post of February 18, there has been what Fr. Z calls some "hand-wringing" about rumored possible restrictions in the forthcoming Instruction on Summorum Pontificum. These rumors are very likely unfounded, as Fr. Z suggests in his post about "news from and Italian source" (WDTPRS, February 19, 2011) on the question. Nevertheless, writes, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf:
I can understand why people would be upset at the reports about the Instruction. So many who mourned the loss of the older forms of worship have been mistreated by the Church’s shepherds. Many who knew the older forms back when, and younger people who prefer them now, are still being treated like second-class trash who get to sit in the back of the bus. And there only grudgingly. [Strong words. Evocative of a possible new use for the 'N'-word! -- P.P.] You can understand why they would be anxious about this Instruction, given how many positions of power are still in the hands of enemies of the Holy Father’s vision and provisions.
In the meantime, read Fr. Z's details from his Italian source that categorically states that these rumors are without foundation, and consider also Fr. Z's advice:
Given that we don’t know many of the actual details of the text, I can only recommend that people who are deeply concerned get on their knees and pray that Pope Benedict be strengthened in his mandate as Vicar of Christ and that his enemies – far from him and close to him – be weakened and confounded.

Do what a committed Catholic warrior would do for a cause that is dear.

I have started a month long “novena”, a Spiritual Bouquet for Pope Benedict to end on 19 March, which is the Holy Father’s “name day”, the Feast of St. Joseph.

Please participate in this Spiritual Bouquet.

In the meantime, drink some Mystic Monk coffee and, if you want to sign something, go to this site and put your signature to a kind of open-letter or petition.

Also, in the next days and weeks consider that the Holy Father is unlikely to put his signature to something which would so undermine his position and authority.
Finally, from the Enchiridion of Indulgences (#25), he adds a duly approved, indulgenced prayer for the Supreme Pontiff.


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