Monday, July 12, 2010

Romano Amerio's Zibaldone: dealing with Vatican II

Sandro Magister, "The Defenders of Tradition Want the Infallible Church Back" (, July 12, 2010): "They are pleading with the pope to condemn "ex cathedra" the errors of Vatican Council II. A new book by Romano Amerio is giving new force to their request. But Benedict XVI doesn't agree ..."


Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Benedict is not a friend of traditional Catholics. He is one of the principal promulgators of the very errors Amerio condemns. He is a leader of the revolution, whose strategy is to absorb traditionalist holdouts (ie, pre V2 Catholics) rather than exterminate them. He is a hero of the Scott Hahnian neo-Caths, who want to encase their bleached out Catholicism in a pseudo-traditinal shell, rather like a theological M&M. But JP2 was also their hero, and JP2 "the Great" was in truth the Great Consolidator of the ruinous "gains" of his preceding namesakes. So where does this leave the Neo-Caths? Rather in the position of those who want the slackness of V2 ambiguity without relinquishing the air guitar poses of the traditionalist zealot.

Confitebor said...

"Neo-Caths"? Is Father O'Leary posting here again, under RRD's screen name?