Friday, February 12, 2010

Lenten reading

Shawn Tribe, in "Lenten Reading Plans" (New Liturgical Movement, February 9, 2010), reminds us that with the beginning of Lent just over a week away, this is a good time to begin considering one's Lenten exercises. He writes:
For those of you who take up the practice of daily spiritual reading during Lent, you may be interested to know that Fr. Bryan Jerabek has set up a website where he provides three different Lenten Reading Plans.

These readings plans include a Fathers of the Church reading plan, a Cardinal Newman and Father Faber reading plan, and finally a Lives of the Great Medieval and Renaissance Saints reading plan -- based on the discourses of Benedict XVI.
In view of the patronage of this our site, I am considering the Newman/Faber reading plan linked above, which looks to be quite good.

By the way, Fr. Jerabek's site also includes a St. John Vianney Lenten Reading Plan, which could be of special interest to priests and seminarians in this Year of the Priest.

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