Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our 'transnationalist' President

While there are legitimate reasons for discarding the notion of 'sovereignty' (as outlined by Maritain in Man and the State, where he says that the concept properly applies only to God) and working towards transnational unity (as argued both by Maritain in the same, and by Mortimer Adler in the Common Sense of Politics), there are serious reasons for being less than sanguine about President Obama's tilt in those directions. Well before his election, I expressed my doubts about his constitutional loyalties; and there are serious reasons for defending the integrity of what passes for "national sovereignty," but would be better called "national autonomy" in the face of current tendencies toward world government and transnational federation as exhibited in recent years in the EU. And now this:

Rick Santorum, "The Elephant in the Room: Obama vs. United States" (Philadelphia Inquirer, April 9, 2009): "The president is contemptuous of American values. And one key nominee prefers the judgment of other countries and global elites."

[Hat tip to S.K.]

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