Sunday, April 19, 2009

Along with "misalettes for christianettes" ...

A reader writes:
A friend sent me a page from the April Christian Century magazine, titled "There's a Word for It" with a dozen or so great made-up words for unique situations in Christianity. I thought I'd share a few examples:
  • Egocessory prayer: A public prayer centered more on the Pray-er and his or her eloquence and cleverness than God.
  • Bulletinnitus: The dazed ear-ringing sensatioin you get when the announcements for the day drone on and on.
  • Fliturgy: A hyperactive worship service designed for short attention spans. - with a sermon under ten minutes, no more than two verses of any song sung, and prayer time limited to two minutes
  • Osteentatious: Unrelentingly upbeat. "Pastor Greg was a little too osteentatious for that occosioin, don't you think?
[Hat tip to J.M.]

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