Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bishop Tobin warns against unnatural marriage

Fr. Zuhlsdorf, "Bp. Tobin speaks powerfully about unnatural marriage" (WDTPRS, April 29, 2009). His Excellency, Most Reverend Thomas Tobin, Bishop of Providence, has something to say in the Rhode Island Catholic. He writes:
“Rhode Island, Most Catholic State, Welcomes Gay Marriage”

That’s a headline we haven’t seen yet, dear readers, but probably will in the next couple of years. And, make no mistake about it – that’s exactly what the headline will say as the story makes its way around the state and across the nation.

The march toward gay marriage across our nation is relentless, [without doubt] and liberal New England is leading the way.
Commenting on Bishop Tobin's piece, Fr. Zuhlsdorff writes: "The usual methods of social re-engineering include what I call "creeping incrementalism". You start slowly, not trying to attain everything you aim for in one fell swoop, but rather strive merely to bump the paradigm a degree or two in the direction you want it to go. Eventually, what seemed once to be inconceivable comes to be remotely possible, then plausible, then probably a good idea, and then obligatory.

There is an phrase in Latin… in finem citius... things go faster toward the end."

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