Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cardinal Walter Kasper: Helping or Hindering the CDF?

Christopher has posted an article, "Cardinal Walter Kasper: Helping or Hindering the CDF?" (Against the Grain, July 14, 2007). He invites comments, criticism, agreement or disagreement with his conclusion. He says he was reading section #22 of Unitatis redintegratio, and the 'tone' of the passage leaped out at him -- not at all "let's celebrate the positive elements of Protestantism and the 'protestant eucharist'" but a not-so-subtle call for full communion with the Church. He asks whether it's just him (Christopher) or whether others see Kasper as minimizing this in his presentation of the CDF's document? (Well, he notes, at least Kasper didn't give any interviews to papers expressing how "offended" he was this time around, as he did in 2000).

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