Monday, April 02, 2007

A note on the following article

Please do not be put off by the title or the lead photo of the article below. It is an excellent article of considerable substance and thoughfulness, by Nicholas Postgate. This is not to say that all that he says in it will agree with everyone, but it is far from being an unconstructive diatribe. If the reform of the Novus Ordo is to have a future, it is precisely the kind of sober assessments such as Postgate offers here that need to be taken very seriously. This, too, is the hope that the Holy Father's long and prayerfully awaited Motu Proprio holds out, not only for eventually reconciling some of the polarized factions within the Church, but perhaps fulfilling in some way the as yet unmet mandate of Vatican II for a proper reform of the Traditional Roman Rite. Even if this means the side-by-side co-existence of two accepted Western rites, this would at least bring the Novus Ordo, currently so far adrift from the organic roots of Western liturgical development, back into contact with the liturgical traditions of the Traditional Roman Rite, which could have but a salutary effect.

Pray for Pope Benedict, and enjoy the article. (Make sure to read the notes!)

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