Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nancy Pelosi & Perinin Scleroso. Twins?

My apologies. I couldn't resist. One of our readers forwarded these two images to me with the following comment:

"Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, in both appearance and political
sophistication, reminds me of...

"SCTV's, Perini Scelroso, played by Andrea Martin. As The Perini Scleroso Fan Club describes her...
"You know her as the shy immigrant woman who worked her way up from the dark dingy custodial closet all the way to the office of Vice-President of Coordination at SCTV. Some may know her as the babushkaed brunette hausfrau with the wicked glasses, while some may know her as Mrs. Snay. We all know her as the woman who can't seem to give directions to a hotel. At the Perini Scleroso Fan Club, we will celebrate this amazing woman and recall with fondness and pride the roads she paved for others like her. Why, they even named a wine after her. In the words of our dear Perini, 'Cõn Iñ!'".
[Hat tip to Sun and Wine]

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