Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Liz vocals online

Some of you may remember my musical niece, Elizabeth, who though gifted in classical music, ventured off in the direction of electro pop with some productions and performances of her own last year. We posted a link about her, "Liz goes solo" (Musings, May 23, 2006). My favorite song from the earlier online selection of her downloads (no longer available online) was entitled "Lament," a wistfully beautiful piece.

Well, Liz has hauled off and done it again. My sister in Philly just sent me the link to three of her pieces available on Liz's Myspace Music site (she goes by the winsome name 'Ghhrfy'). This is not Palestrina, obviously, but there's little question Liz is a very talented young lady. If you're interested, check out her music. If you like it, she has an EP for sale.

Liz is presently completing her undergraduate education at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. She is engaged to be married in Portugal next summer. Yes, the young man is a Catholic. She is not, although I know her to be a committed evangelical Christian. Your prayers are solicited.

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