Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Welcome to the North Hall Society

One of my philosophy students, Eric Wallace, has resurrected the Lenoir-Rhyne College tradition of a discussion group among philosophy and theology students in the form of an interactive blog, the North Hall Society, named after the campus building (pictured above, now named Russell House) that traditionally housed the Religion and Philosophy Department. Such a society used to exist in the past under the name of Bonaventure Club, founded by the late Lutheran Bishop and former Professor of Theology at Lenoir-Rhyne College, the Rev. Michael C.D. McDaniel. St. Bonaventure was a good choice of names, it was thought, because he was both a philosopher and a theologian, and thus the club and discussion group named for him could comfortably accommodate both philosophy and theology students. Kudos to Eric (pictured left), then, for taking the initiative to start the North Hall Society. Visit the North Hall Society blog here.

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