Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Ancient Olympians followed Atkins diet, says scholar

Get the story from (Aug. 10, 2004).

"Well, that makes sense," comments Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin (pictured right): "If you cut the carbs you don't have blood sugar spikes and lows that will sap your strength during competition. After going on the diet I noticed how much energy I had in the hour following lunch now that I wasn't trying to shrug off a blood sugar low like those who ate carbs during lunch. Further, you'll need the protein to build the muscle to compete."

Besides, it's clearly worked for Jimmy, who proudly displays pictures of himself "before" (above right) and "after" (left and below, right) the Atkins effect in a blog post entitled, "The Incredible Shrinking Apologist." Jimmy, who currently works for Catholic Answers in San Diego, California, hails from the Lone Star state of Texas, as you can see from his get up in the lower-right photo. I can assure you that the persona it's not affected.

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