Monday, September 06, 2004

"Brace yourself: the months ahead will be momentous"

"We are not at the end of history, but rather at its new beginning. All the old truths -- conventional warfare, the Atlantic alliance, petroleum-based affluence, conventional political debate, etiquette, principled disagreement, and the old populist Democratic party are coming under question. And the only thing that is clear from what will follow is that it will all be loud, messy, full of surprises -- and occasionally quite scary.
Thus writes Victor Davis Hanson (pictured above) in his article, "Brace Yourself: The Months Ahead Will Be Momentous," in National Review Online (Sept. 2, 2004).
"If Bush wins in November, and I think he will, then there will be recriminations and fury of the like we have not seen since the Right imploded after 1964. For many of us lifelong Democrats, the very sight of Michael Moore perched next to Jimmy Carter at the convention in Boston says it all -- the sorry coming together of conspiratorial anti-Americanism and self-righteous appeasement.
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