Tuesday, March 02, 2004

No, Virginia, Jimmy Akin is not a country singer!

My son, Jamie, recently called my attention to Jimmy Akin's blog, DEFENSOR FIDEI, with the following email:
Perhaps the funniest (intentionally or not) blog I've seen in a while. Just the pic of him, and the music (if you can' t hear it right away, go to the archive, that seems to start it for me), which is sort of a country-pop-cum-polka, is hilarious. Chubby Jimmy Akin in disco blue and a cowboy hat with 'DEFENSOR FIDEI' in the heading is unbeatable. -j
Jimmy Akin, of course, is one of America's leading Catholic apologists, with an academic background in philosophy and theology, whose website, Nazareth Resource Library, is well worth a leisurely stroll.

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