Thursday, January 26, 2017

Emily Clarke sings "Papa Francis" ...

Here's a daisy that will warm the cockles of many a contemporary Catholic's heart, particularly if they have no acquaintance with roses.

What can one say? There's Rutherford Cabernet, and then there's Coca-cola; there's Roquefort, and then there's Velveeta; there's Shakespeare, and then there's Hallmark greeting cards; there's Michelangelo's Pieta, and then there's Precious Moments figurines; there's the Boston Catechism, and there's Youcat; there's the Council of Trent, and then there's World Youth Day; there's Solemn High Mass, and then there's Life Teen liturgy; there's the Chair of St. Peter, and there's the presider's chair; there's Palestrina, and then there's this. Or am I just being a mean-spirited old grump? (Notice the wardrobe and the props?)

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