Wednesday, July 01, 2015

White Rainbow House: Calling evil good

The underground correspondent we keep on retainer in an Atlantic seaboard city that knows how to keep its secrets, Guy Noir - Private Eye, was clearly troubled about something, but kept a cool head. He wrote:
I keep stewing over the Supreme Court decision, primarily because I read no commentary anywhere that quite touches on my gut reaction.

Marriage is about children, gender matters, court over-reach, impending persecution... blah blah blah.

What I wonder is this:

How can any Catholic leader not connect the dots this way...
Homosexual sex is bad (last I checked, we can call things that are sinful 'bad')......

Even dignified people can besmirch their dignity.....

It's close to impossible to read Romans 1 or the documents of the CDF and not get the idea that homosexuals who are sexually active besmirch their dignity.....

Thus when the White House looks like this, it is calling evil good and fundamentally besmirching humanity's dignity. It's the President graphically supporting ant-Catholic, anti-Christian, and ungodly living.
Not to mention wasting a lot of taxpayers' monies on schmoozing a constituency base. At First Things a guy from Focus on the Family goes on and one about how 'inappropriate' it is to hijack the White House for any cause. I couldn't stand it. That's not what's appalling. It's that the White House is being hijacked for what clear-thinking Christians know is a fundamentally bad and -- yes -- evil cause. Enabling sin in such a rhetorical manner... and the effect this will likely have in swaying the black church to boot ... Depressing and almost unforgivable in my book. [Emphasis added]


Jacobi said...

A comment from the other side of the pond. It is astonishing how the homosexual lobby, derived from some 1 1/2 % of the population, have so dominated, in such a short time, the thinking of the United States political machine. You North Americans should do some really serious thinking about that.

Mark you, things are not much better on this side, but somehow, we will muddle through.

A major factor is the silence even complicity of so many bishops within the Church , so you should be thinking of that also.

Hope this doesn't get you locked up?

Anonymous said...

Couple this with Obama's public singing of 'Amazing Grace,' and then check out the gay-firendly Catholics' appropriation of the 'welcoming' mantra reported here:

Those setting the tone of the rhetoric position themselves to win the argument before it has started. They're the good guys and those holding fast to tradition are the haters, well-intentioned or no, just like all our racist grandparents, right?

It doesn't really matter that religion defines a conversation if the idea of religion becomes so fundamentally redefined to one of acceptance, love, and good works in opposition to any hard truths. Note that the SIR release mentions a "focus on the family." Why does the entire thing then sound like something a very religious group in Colorado Springs would have formerly eschewed? Note the successful posturing of Pelosi and Biden. Intentionally or not, Francis is indeed a Catholic Obama in that he is successfully contributing to a new Church just as the President all along promised to help solidify a "New" America. Leaders in a media-saturated age lead by managing the rhetoric, and both of these men can be judged successful managers on that score.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that no one could remember what became of Saruman the White.