Monday, July 13, 2015

Taylor Marshall on two possible options at the October Synod

Taylor Marshall, "Could Gay Marriage be PASTORALLY Approved at Synod on the Family?" (July 13, 2015)

As a reader pointed out, the following comment by a Spanish-speaking woman named Cindy is telling and, I would add, disturbing (#comment-14993):
I want to believe that the Holy Spirit will prevent this from happening although I really believe that only a supernatural miracle could prevent it from happening. I'm Hispanic and I've heard many conversations our current pope had while he was bishop in Argentina. They are on the internet and in Spanish language. I've also viewed a disturbing video of him while pope, where he says we should not try to bring people into the Church. He talks in Spanish and I understood CLEARLY what he said and that's exactly what he said. He said we should walk with people, not try to make them Catholic and let God do all the work of bringing them into the Church. One of my concerns with the holy father is that apparently, he's tainted. What do I mean by that? I think throughout his life and while he's been a cleric, he's experienced pharisee type, hypocritical Catholics and they have left a real sour taste in his mouth. Those experiences have led him to equate orthodoxy with a lack of mercy, a lack of love and "rigidity". I heard a story he told of very pious women in his parish (when he was a priest), who were extremely pious, yet he found out they expected and seemingly approved of their married sons also having access to their house maids as "more than maids". He was shocked and taken aback by their hypocrisy. He's also recounted the legalism of going to confession because he brushed his teeth before Mass and swallowed a little of the water within the time allotted for fast, and believed it to be a serious sin. I think he is suspicious of orthodox Catholics. Why is that important? Well, because he will tend to side with those whom he perceives to be merciful and charitable.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Having been born into a Perfect Society in 1948, but now blessed to live in a Purloined Society (Tradition stolen by modernists/new theologians/ecumenists and replaced by a program of anthropocentric ecumenistic indifferentism), ABS is quite sure that what most Trads dread is, barring Divine Intervention, ineluctable.

There can be no other possible explanation of the Pope's repeated reference to "surprises" and "mercy."

Saint Vincent of Lerins teaches that those most puissant in rejecting novelty are those most religious and so this Synod will be most revealing.

In an odd way, ABS welcomes the change in that it is when an institution appears to the observer to be at its strongest that it may well be at its weakness and ready to collapse.

It was when, prior to the launch of the V2 rocket, the One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church appeared to the observer to be at its strongest when it was already exhausted and ripe for revolution; of course this is to intentionally not mention the underground success of modernism in suggesting a sort of symmetry twixt then and now but that is because the revolution was the work of men whereas if the revolutionary novelty of communion for adulterers eventuates then the restoration can be thought to be beginning for that will be the work of Jesus who will not suffer His Bride to be dragged out of the church and thrown into a gutter to be raped by anthropocentric man without a terrible cost to be paid by those men.

There can be no doubt that Jesus has allowed this to happen but woe betide the bastids whom have wrought this rot. There will be Hell to pay for Jesus is, has always been, and will always be, the Head of His Church.

Franciscus may think this is his church. but it ain't.

Pray for the Pope and the Hierarchy that their desires fail miserably and completely.

Marcel Ghost said...

So if the Holy Father experienced the Pharisee types in his time and was repulsed by them, why is he not also repulsed by the liberal heretical types? He seems instead to be sympathetic towards them.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

He keeps his friends close and the enemies of Tradition closer?