Sunday, December 02, 2012

A pox on political correctness: "Merry Christmas!"

There's a lot about the Americanization of Christmas that traditional Catholics rightly find distasteful. The advertizing for Christmas begins as early as July. After Thanksgiving it becomes a full-tilt sprint. By December 1, any family that doesn't have it's tree up and decorated seems to lack "Christmas spirit." By December 26th, families are relieved to be finished with the ordeal of credit card-leveraged overspending and trash full of wrapping paper and cardboard boxes and glad to dump their trees on the sidewalk -- oblivious, of course -- entirely oblivious! -- that this is merely the SECOND of twelve days of Christmas concluding with Epiphany in January.

Once in a rare while, however, something comes along that makes a half-way decent point, such as this little Christmas jingle, for what it's worth.


Chris said...


Evidently, my family lacks the Christmas spirit. Our tree, when it goes up, will be live. Our creche is out (although really I should use the plural) and we are tracing our way - by means of a Jesse Tree - through the time of waiting for the Messiah.

Anonymous said...

Political correctness is the bane of tradition in every possible sense. It has destroyed our language, our manners, our marriages and families (by all the egalitarian nonsense about "mutual submission" and abolition of authority in the home), our liturgical translations,
our parishes (by the feminization of their administration), and even our political community as a nation (how else can one understand Obama's abominable re-election, except as an affirmative action preferential option for the politically correct candidate).