Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's a good priest to do?

The erosion of faith has advanced so far in some quarters of the Church, that even some priests have begun scratching their heads and asking - 'What are we supposed to do?' Michael Voris comments on a letter from one such priest in "Priests in Pain" (RealCatholicTV.com, May 24, 2011).


Dad29 said...

With all due sympathy, I'd suggest that the priest do what the similarly-afflicted laity do: pray, and work on making what improvements can be made.

And then there's going to the target-range and pushing a few rounds through.........targets, of course.

For others, perhaps attempting to achieve the 500-yard golf drive...

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

That Priest, like we Laity, has been adandoned by his Shepherd and he is being attacked and savaged by wolves.

He and we are on our own and it is no use pretending we are not.

I'd encourage this Priest to throw-in with The FFSP or some other Traditionalist-Minded Order but once Our Holy Father reforms the reform,and creates yet another Missal by combining The Gregorian Rite with The Bugninii Burgoo, the Mass of all ages will become the Mass of post 1965, and, so, what's the point?

We Catholics are going through a very difficult time and there are no easy answers other than to immerse one's own self in Tradition and begin reading The Early Church Fathers and, especially, purchasing Dom Gueranger's, "The Liturgical Year." and reading it every single day.

Doing that has inoculated me against the infections of the new theology and The Vatican Two ongoing revolutions and reforms and the retarded rupture with all that came before it.

We call this the new springtime.

Ain't it great?

Anonymous said...

How does Gueranger's Liturgical Year compae with his other works?