Sunday, October 03, 2010

Where has Kathleen Parkers been?

Our HBCU correspondent we keep on retainer just wired in this item from somewhere on the Atlantic Seaboard:
Kathleen Parkers asks:
How did we get here? How could anyone think that another's most private, intimate moment was fair game?
1. WHERE has she been?

2. Does she know anything about college student culture?
Although Clementi was filmed with another man, one can imagine as easily a roommate spying on a heterosexual encounter.

The emergence of social media, combined with mass access to technology -- camera-equipped cellphones, pocket-size video cameras and blogospheric distribution -- has enabled an insatiable market for spying and gossip. The result has been a cultural breakdown in decency and a blurring of the boundaries of what should be private and public.

Even this discussion feels like an invasion of privacy, given the unbearable pain the Clementi family must be enduring. But...
That BUT says everything... Now what's up with Lindsay Lohan? I mean, I really think...

Oh, snap, I almost forgot: How did we get "here'?, or

[Hat tip to J.M.]

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