Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Deliverance in the City of Angels ~ YESSS!!!

A reader writes:
"...and Hollywood & Vine shout 'PTL!!!!'"
The reader continues:
I've been to Our Lady of the Angels, and even in terms of very modern Catholic architecture, it misses the boat and far more suggests Star Trek than Catholicism. Not to even go into the syncretism that is a bit brazenly evident. And that's on the inside. The outside... well, there is nothing even naively nice one can say there since it is all around barge-like, hideous.

So amidst all the current garbage I do have this thought, "Why doesn't Rome do anything? Can't they even do something about Mahoney and gay-friendly L.A.? I mean, can't we connect a few dots retro-actively?"

Then I see this:
"Abp Chaput Praises LA Abp Gomez" (Standing on My Head, April 6, 2010):
Bishop Gomez of San Antonio is to take over from Mahoney at Los Angeles. Good news all around. Abp. Chaput (Gomez' old boss) praises the appointment here. Gomez is a member of Opus Dei and of Hispanic descent. A perfect choice for LA.

It should prove interesting for Anglicans and those who wish to establish an ordinariate. Bishop Gomez has been very friendly and helpful to the former Anglicans at Atonement Parish--one of the biggest Anglican Use parishes in the country which is in San Antonio. This means he is already familiar with the particular problems that convert clergy face, the joys and possibilities of Anglican Use parishes and he should be v. welcoming to all who want to come over.
Hispanic and a member of Opus Dei. You've gotta love that. Think of all those Dan Brown Da Vinci Code fans out in L.A. and what they'll be thinking. Not only that. Opus Dei priests generally don't go in for foo-foo liturgy, liturgical dancing, effite homophilic programs, syncretistic theology, or Catholic lite homilies. I see some salubrious and restorative reforms in the offing.

Not only that. As Rorate Caeli points out today, the website of Una Voce San Bernardino, in an article about the "glorious transformation" of the situation for the TLM in the Archdiocese of San Antonio, has the following to say about the soon-to-be Coadjutor Archbishop, who was ordained in 1978 as a numerary priest of Opus Dei:
The Most Rev. Jose Gomez, our Archbishop, and Fr. Francis McHugh deserve a huge deal of credit for withstanding the barrage of criticism they have received for allowing the Traditional Latin Mass into the mainstream of Catholic life here in San Antonio.
Appointment confirmed here.

[Hat tip to J.M.]


Anonymous said...

yippee and things!!!

Me thinks that Cardinal McIntyre is smiling down On the City of the Angels.


Dark Horse said...

A loud Amen to that, sister!

bdhutier said...

I'm so bummed he's leaving us... but after seeing the RE Congress garbage, I believe LA needs him more than we do! Your gain, LA!

Anonymous said...

Will the left coast eventually be reunited to the Catholic Church?

Levada to Rome
Cordeleone to Oakland
Vigneron to Detroit
Soto to Sacramento
Niederauer to San Francisco
Gomez to Los Angeles

It won't be long before all the bishops of California will be new.

grega said...

Did not take all that long - 3days - if this is true better hold the Hallelujas.

Pertinacious Papist said...


Thank you for your heart-felt concern for the victims of oppression. Whether this case turns out as the lawsuit reports remains to be seen, as I'm sure you will be the first to insist. In the meantime, I'm happy in the knowledge that you must be expending a great deal of energy bringing to public attention the sexual abuse of children by teachers which is far and a way the worst locus of predatory molestation in the U.S. One report says: "In New York City alone, at least one child is sexually abused by a school employee every day. One study concluded that more than 60 percent of employees accused of sexual abuse in the New York City schools were transferred to desk jobs at district offices located inside the schools. Most of these teachers are tenured and 40 percent of those transferred are repeat offenders."

By the same token, I appreciate the concern you doubtless share with many readers of this blog concerning the outright lies perpetrated of late by the mainstream media concerning the Church, the Vatican, and the Pope; and the fact that writers like Lisa Miller, who replaced Kenneth Woodward as religious editor of Newsweek seems eminently more concerned with how a story will play to the circus grandstands than with the simple question of truth. You've read, I'm sure, Phil Lawler's article, "Journalists abandon standards to attack the Pope" and George Weigel's "Church gets an unfair rap." Thank you for your shared concern and prayers.