Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fr. Neuhaus: afterthoughts

A reader writes:
Two good pieces on Neuhaus, from which these lines hit me. This first one was a needed reminder given my pessimistic feelings of late. The second is a challenge:
1. "The Barque of Peter is also the largest of ocean liners with a manifest vaster than any denomination. Big ships are hard to turn around."

2. "... the remarkable, and mathematically counterintuitive, ability to multiply his enthusiasm and energy while dividing it with others."
The first article: Rev. George W. Rutler, "Richard John Neuhaus, 1936 - 2009" (, January 10, 2009).

The second article: George Weigel, "A True Pastor: Remembering Father Richard John Neuhaus" (Newsweek, January 13, 2009).

[Hat tip to J.M.]

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