Monday, April 14, 2008

Archbishop Ranjith, victim of curial Motu Proprio wars?

"Motu Proprio wars in the Roman Curia Ranjith off to Sri Lanka?" (Rorate Caeli, April 12, 2008) offers a translation of a detailed article from Italia Oggi by Andrea Bevilacqua, with the following appended comment:
Editorial Note: The pressures against Archbishop Ranjith are extremely strong within the Roman Curia, as first reported last month. There is no doubt of the Pontiff's great love for him: Ranjith was chosen to replace Bugninist Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino (Benedict's first bold removal of a Curial name) months before Bertone himself was named. The hatred towards Ranjith is strong in Italian circles in the Curia: his immaculate honesty doomed him in Propaganda Fide during the Wojtyla pontificate; now, his bold defense of Papal prerogatives embodied in the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum increases the hatred for him. We hope and pray Pope Benedict does not surrender to the intense movement led by the wolves in the Curia against Archbishop Ranjith.
If Ranjith goes to Sri Lanka, the article suggests, he could quite possibly come back a Cardinal.

[Hat tip to A.S.]

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