Monday, January 21, 2008

One couldn't have scripted a better performance

As you may have heard, militant secularists (faculty AND students) protested the Pope's appearance at Sapienza university and forced him to cancel, claiming he was "anti-science" -- it was later revealed upon investigation that they based their protest in a MISREADING of a Ratzinger quote in a book 7 years ago regarding the Galileo trial [!!!]

Cardinal Ruini asked Catholics and the people of Italy to show up at the Angelus to demonstrate their solidarity with Benedict XVI -- to the tune of 200,000. Benedict said "I encourage all of you, dear academics, to always be respectful of the opinions of others, and to seek the truth and the good with an open and responsible mind" -- completely turning the tables. The rector of the university re-invited the Pope to speak at Sapienza.

For a great resume, read "Pope Benedict, Sapienza University & the Intolerance of Radical Secularism" (Against the Grain, January 20, 2008).

[Hat tip to C.B.]

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