Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Karl Keating and Dale Vree

Some of you might be interested to know that I got a call from Karl Keating the other day, thanking me for defending Dale Vree and NOR on my blog. It's a small world. I asked him what Dale is like, since all I knew about him was what I'd seen in print. Karl, who said that he'd visited Dale in his home a number of times, said that he found him to be a soft-spoken, really nice guy. Then, just yesterday, I got a call from Dale Vree himself. Karl was right. He is soft-spoken, almost retiring, but has a really funny sense of humor. In a recent March for Life, Dale said he was wearing one of those NOR T-shirts and a priest who was walking besides him noticed it and asked him if he knew Dale Vree. Dale replied: "Yeah, I sort of know him ..." Priest: "What's he like?" Dale: "Oh, he's sort of shy and soft-spoken." Dale said he eventually told him: "I am Dale Vree," and the priest wouldn't believe him, insisting that he show him his driver's license. They became fast friends.

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