Friday, June 10, 2005

Commonweal in bed with the Legionaries?

In an article entitled "Rahabilitating Paul Shanley," New Oxford Review (April, 2005), Dale Vree writes:
In a New Oxford Note last month (p. 16-18), we told you how Commonweal has attempted to rehabilitate Archbishop Weakland (a homosexual), andhow the National Catholic Register, owned by the Legionaries of Christ, has tried to rehabilitate Deal Hudson (an adulterer).
In the June issue of the NOR, Vree adds:
In that New Oxford Note "last month" (March, p. 18), we noted that Weakland and Hudson are back in business as if nothing ever happened, adding: "You'd think Weakland and Hudson wouldn't want to show their faces for a decade or so. Now, that would garner our respect."
Vree notes the marked contrast of Bill Bennett, "who has had the decency to remove himself from the limelight after his gambling habit came to light."

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