Monday, May 24, 2004

Site devoted to promoting beatification of Pope Pius XII

A contributor to the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club discussion group sent the following link to a site devoted to promoting the beatification of Pople Pius XII. He writes:
I have been told by Sister Margherita Marchione, that the propositio has been completed, and will soon be presented. This is the next to last step in granting beatification to Pope Pius XII.
Sr. Margherita Marchione is a leading scholar on the life of Pope Pius XII, this Italian-American nun has led the fight to defend Pius against charges that he did little on behalf of Jews during World War II.

Christopher Blosser has one of the most informative links I've seen the controversies centering on Pope Pius XII: the page is entitled Pius XII, the Catholic Church and the Holocaust.

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