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Tridentine Community News - Oregon Sacred Liturgy Conference Report; Commemorations on Sundays; Tridentine Masses this coming week

"I will go in unto the Altar of God
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Tridentine Community News by Alex Begin (July 8, 2018):
July 8, 2018 – Seventh Sunday After Pentecost

Oregon Sacred Liturgy Conference Report

Last week the sixth annual Sacred Liturgy Conference took place in Oregon, this time in Salem, the state capital. What began as a small gathering focused on Gregorian Chant has grown to become one of the world’s largest conventions devoted to traditional liturgy, with around 400 in attendance. Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Portland Archbishop Alexander Sample, Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska Bishop James Conley, Norcia [Italy] monastery founder Fr. Cassian Folsom, and Fraternity of St. Peter North American Superior Fr. Gerard Saguto were among the heavy-hitters present. Talks were delivered at the Salem Conference Center and in classrooms at St. Joseph Church, located several blocks away.

At one point a speaker asked for a show of hands to see whether attendees’ primary experience of Holy Mass was in the Ordinary or Extraordinary Form. Approximately 60% were OF, however the bulk of the talks and liturgies were about or in the EF. The OF-going majority seemed to welcome the immersion in the Traditional Mass. One could draw the conclusion that when serious discussion of the Church’s liturgy and music is to be had, the EF brings more substance to the table, including centuries of history and promise for the future that the OF cannot claim.

One of the speakers was Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, the British priest who since 2009 has served as Executive Director of ICEL, the International Commission on English in the Liturgy. Msgr. Wadsworth was in charge of the new English translation of the Ordinary Form Mass and is now working on a new translation of the Liturgy of the Hours. A higher ranking Ordinary Form official would be hard to find outside of Rome. And yet…Msgr. Wadsworth is an occasional celebrant of the Extraordinary Form. He is also founder of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in formation in Washington, DC, which, like its fellow Oratories around the globe, periodically offers the Traditional Mass. A true liturgical scholar such as he cannot help but be engaged with the Traditional Mass; it informs the work he accomplishes with the OF.

This writer was invited to provide training to clergy in how to celebrate the Extraordinary Form, spread out over four 1.25 hour sessions. 2-3 priests were expected to attend, but much to our surprise, 17 priests, 4 permanent deacons, several seminarians, and around 25 laypeople showed up. Beautiful evidence of the ever-increasing interest in the Traditional Mass.

The 2019 Sacred Liturgy Conference will be held May 28-31 in Spokane, Washington.

Commemorations on Sundays

We have had two interesting examples over the last two weeks of how Commemorations are handled differently on Sundays, depending on the kind of Feast being celebrated.

A Commemoration is the addition of a second (or third) Collect, Secret, and Postcommunion prayer. On weekdays one sees Commemorations of secondary saints. The main saint of the day has the first Collect, and additional saints are commemorated with additional Collect(s). The two saints’ positions are reversed, however, in churches dedicated to the secondary saint. For example, on July 12 the main saint is St. John Gualbert and the secondary, commemorated saints are Ss. Nabor & Felix. However, in a church named after Ss. Nabor & Felix, they would become the primary saints, and St. John Gualbert would be commemorated. That is why missals provide a separate set of Mass Propers for the secondary saint; another reason is that a Mass of the secondary saint could be celebrated as a Votive Mass on a Fourth Class Feria or Feast Day.

Sundays are dedicated to our Lord, which changes the rules somewhat: If a special Feast displaces the usual Sunday, and that Feast is of our Lord, there is no Commemoration of the displaced Sunday. If the special Feast is not of our Lord, a Commemoration of the displaced Sunday is to be made, so as to ensure our Lord is always in focus on every Sunday. For example, on June 24, 2018, the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist was not of our Lord, so a Commemoration was added of the displaced Fifth Sunday After Pentecost. However, on July 1, 2018, the Feast of the Most Precious Blood was of our Lord, so no Commemoration of the displaced Sixth Sunday After Pentecost was made.

Tridentine Masses This Coming Week
  • Tue. 07/10 7:00 PM: Low Mass at Holy Name of Mary, Windsor (Seven Holy Brothers, Martyrs, and Ss. Rufina & Secunda, Virgins & Martyrs)
  • Sat. 07/14 8:30 AM: Low Mass at Miles Christi (St. Bonaventure, Bishop, Confessor, & Doctor)
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