Sunday, November 19, 2017

Record attendance at chant workshop in Detroit (upwards of 100 attendees)!

I want to make sure nobody missed this from the previous post:
A special thank-you to all those who made time to attend Wassim Sarweh’s most recent Gregorian Chant Workshop on October 28. Attendance was almost triple the previous local record, and arguably was among the highest ever seen for a comparable event in North America: Old St. Mary’s Parish had set a limit of 75 attendees; all reservations on Eventbrite had been claimed, plus there were several walk-ins on the day of the class. Approximately 20 additional faithful attended the associated 2:00 PM Tridentine Mass without attending the seminar. Not surprisingly, the parish has asked Wassim to hold another Chant Workshop in 2018.

Perhaps most notably, many of the attendees were choir directors themselves. This certainly bodes well for the (re)introduction of chant in parish repertoires.

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