Friday, January 03, 2014

Assured of their loyal subjects' security and comfort back home, with global warming and universal healthcare, Obamas live like royalty on lavish Hawaiian vacation

"REGAL R&R: Obamas live like royalty on lavish Hawaiian holiday" (Washington Times, January 2, 2014):
History will record that on the 12th day of his latest Hawaiian vacation, President Obama tweeted about Obamacare....

Otherwise, the trip has been an unbroken stretch of luxurious living for the president with his family at a beach house in trendy Kailua, an oceanfront neighborhood in Oahu where the homes rent for $3,500 per day — more than many families earn in a month. The Obamas are paying for the $56,000 cost of the rental home, although taxpayers foot the bill for the first family’s travel on Air Force One — which, at more than $180,000 per hour, makes for a couple of million-dollar flights. A cool treat: White House officials allow the press to watch as President Obama takes family and friends out for shaved ice on New Year's Eve.

What’s more, hundreds of federal workers — from White House staffers to the Secret Service security detail needed to protect the Obamas — join in for what turns out to be an all-expenses-paid vacation. According to, the government rented at least seven homes in the area, costing taxpayers more than $183,750 of what the organization says will likely be a $4 million bill.
And come on ... how many of you ever believed that idiocy about global warming for which Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Prize anyway? Today the Antarctic ice shelf melt is "lowest ever recorded"; Minnesota is enduring the "worst" deep freeze in 20 years; and your tax dollars have nonetheless paid for $7.45 billion to fight "global warming" in other countries.

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