Friday, January 11, 2013

Protestant Clergy Abuse Equals or Exceeds Catholic Clergy Abuse

As Janet Smith mentioned in an email, this is something that many of us have known for some time, but it's good to have some data verifying the fact publicly. It provides little consolation, but does balance out the picture.

Bob Allen, "Protestant Clergy Abuse Equals or Exceeds Catholic Clergy Abuse" (June 20, 2008):
The Associated Press reported recently that three insurance companies receive upward of 260 reports each year of young people under 18 being sexually abused by Protestant clergy, challenging the assumption that clergy sexual abuse is an exclusively Catholic problem that does not take place in other churches.

[Hat tip to Janet Smith]


bill bannon said...

The problem is that our offenders received the Eucharist everyday and then went on to do these things....indeed consecrated the Eucharist. Hence there is no comparison if the Eucharist is factored in....which neither Janet nor Bill Donahue do. I believe the Catholic Church is the true Church and is constantly flattering itself and covering up its historical sins with lawyer like casuistry...whether of burning heretics under papal leadership ( read "Inquisition" newadvent) ( but...but Protestants were worse) or whether it was
29 Popes formally cooperating with the castrati system for the papal choirs ( newadvent blocks out the topic) ( but ...but opera did it too).
Try this in confession....."Father, I robbed a BMW last week...but other people do it too.". Father responds, " But did they receive the Eucharist last week on the same day?"

Pertinacious Papist said...


Your point is well-taken but assumed. Janet's point (and mine here) in calling it to the public's attention is this: many secularists and Protestants assume that sexual child abuse and homosexual behavior is somehow a uniquely Catholic problem. It's not. Reading C.S. Lewis' autobiography, Surprised by Joy or Evelyn Waugh's diaries gives a clear picture of pederasty and sexual child abuse in English (Anglican) schools of their time, but not many people read such writers in the mainstream.

I've even had Lutheran pastors for whom I otherwise have the most respect tell me that Catholic priests need only open their ordinations to a married priesthood to overcome the problem of sexual abuse of children; but they don't realize how absolutely ridiculous this is. The problem isn't having an "outlet" to indulge one's sexual impulses. In fact sexual abuse is statistically greater among those who are sexually active, whatever their station in life. The solution is continence and chastity, which comes only through self-mastery made possible by a clear commitment to the Evangelical Counsels of the Church and God's prevenient grace.

The purpose of the post, then, is to demythologize.

bill bannon said...

I see your point.

I am not Spartacus said...

Dear Mr, Bannon. The redoubtable Henry Crocker III rightly observed that had not the Roman Catholic Empire been busted-up by the prots, then Germany would have had an inquisitor who would have prevented Hitler from coming to power.

And as the heroic William Thomas Walsh observed, Moses was the the First Inquisitor and in two days he ordered bumped-off (including women and children) more souls, by far, then the totals numbers of souls in all of the Inquisitions of all time.

I am one who not only thinks the Inquisition defensible ,I am one who desires it be reconstituted.

Torquemada (not the one Catholics were learnt abut in the Academy of Mel Brooks and the College of Monty Python)) was a great and good and holy man.

Pertinacious Papist said...

All hail to Tomas de Torquemada, whose cause for sainthood I would support if I was in a position to do so.

On behalf of The Sons and Daughters of Torquemada,


bill bannon said...

Both of you,
There were many violent dooms in the Old Testament that were perfectly legitimate because they were intimately ordered by God who can kill whomsoever He wills. Thus God orders Eliseus to kill any of the house of Ahab who escape the sword of Jehu.
God stopped intimately ordering such dooms and individual killings after the close of the Bible. Jesus says,
"If my kingdom were of this world, my followers would fight."
Meaning the New Covenant is no longer violent like the old because grace arrived/ the devil was partially reduced in power/ and religion is no longer bound up with a national land. You'll notice that Moses helped God kill Dathan and Abiram who were swallowed by the earth with all their family and children. In Acts 5 only two people are killed by God through Peter...not their relatives...and they are buried decorously indicating they could have made it to purgatory because Jezebel and later Herod in Acts 12 are killed by God but are eten by dogs and worms respectively.
If the Church in a Ecumenical Council says that coercion in religious matters are over....then heed them lest you perish for the work of the flesh called "factions" in Galatians. You'll be dreaming of bringing back the Inquisition in hell.

Anonymous said...

I A.N. Spartacus

Where can I read about the real Torquemada?

The book by H.C. III is it TRIUMPH?


Anonymous Bosch said...

Donna, you could start with the fascinating account by the eminent Catholic historian, William Thomas Walsh, in his Characters of the Inquisition, which contains a chapter on Tomas de Torquemada.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I just ordered it.