Thursday, May 07, 2009

Back to the future: Communion on the tongue

Card. Caffara of Bologna: in certain churches only Communion on the tongue (WDTPRS, May 7, 2009):
... His Eminence Carlo Card. Caffarra, Archbishop of Bologna, has made the decision ... wait for it ...

... to require that in the certain great churches of Bologna Holy Communion will be distributed only on the tongue.

I find this interesting and encouraging.

In a time when Pope Benedict distributes Communion only on the tongue….

In a time when liturgical leaders such as the Secretary of the CDW, Archbishop Ranjith, has written about Communion and the Holy See’s own publishing arm printed a book by Bishop Anastasius Schneider Dominis Est...

In a time when many American dioceses are hurrying to recommend that Communion shouldn’t be given on the tongue because of risk of disease…

... we read of this decision.
Read the English translation of the communique from the Archdiocese of Bologna here.

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