Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fr. Neuhaus hospitalized

"Fr. Neuhaus Hospitalized" (National Catholic Register, December 30, 2008):
Father Richard John Neuhaus, editor in chief of First Things, is currently undergoing treatment for cancer in [a New York hospital].

Father Neuhaus disclosed his cancer at the end of this post on the First Things website in early December.

The Daily Blog spoke today with pro-life advocate Chris Slattery, who visited Father Neuhaus yesterday afternoon at the hospital.

“I got a call yesterday morning from his office, saying that he was [hospitalized] on the weekend and please go visit him,” said Slattery ... “He’s clearly had a serious recurrence of a new cancer. It’s going to require some immediate chemotherapy. He was in a lot of pain.”
Update 1/1/09
"Fr. Neuhaus is in the hospital here in New York. Over Thanksgiving, he was diagnosed with a serious cancer. The long-term prognosis for this particular cancer is not good, but it is not hopeless, either, and there is a possibility that it will respond to the recommended out-patient chemotherapy.

"Unfortunately, over Christmas, he was taken dangerously ill with what seems to be a systemic infection that has left him very weak. Entering the hospital the day after Christmas, he was sedated to lower an elevated heart rate and treatment was begun for the infection. Over the last few days, he has shown some signs of improvement, and there is a reasonable expectation that he will recover from this present illness—sufficiently, we hope, that he will be able to begin the chemotherapy for the cancer.

"Fr. Neuhaus is not able at the moment to receive visitors or speak on the telephone or answer his mail, and he has requested that no flowers, candy, or other get-well presents be sent — just your prayers for his quick recovery. Further bulletins will be sent when there is news to report."

Joseph Bottum
Editor, First Things
(from this post's combox)

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