Saturday, September 06, 2008

Google Chrome (Beta)

I've just started using Google's new browser, Google Chrome (Beta). It has absolutely no learning curve, it's faster; each functions independently so that if one locks up, the entire browser doesn't crash; it takes less RAM; it has an open architecture that isn't for sale, so it's free, and it makes use of the vary latest Internet technology. I recommend it. Download it. It installs itself and converts all your preferences and favorite links. Like I say, there's absolutely no learning curve. It's amazing. You'll love it.

I wrote this post in Google Chrome. I just finished downloading it, which took all of two minutes.

There may be some kinks to work out in the program, but I fully expect it will become the standard for many users before long.

Update: I've just encountered one problem which seems to repeat: certain pages don't redirect properly. I'm not sure whether this is a result of problems with converting links from Explorer, or what. Hence, be aware that there are some problems. Yet I remain enthusiastic about the prospects, if these glitches can be ironed out.

Advice: ignore my earlier suggestions and wait for another month before you download this browser. In my opinion, it's a brilliant conception, but they've made it available prematurely. They've got bugs to work out of it.

Related: Thomas Claburn, "Google Chrome's Shine Dimmed By Bugs" (Information Week, September 4, 2008).

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