Sunday, February 17, 2008

"You report: Traditional Masses around the world"

Well, Rorate Caeli beat me to it, and I can't seem to get the picture used on that site to post properly here. Anyway, this is big news in our neck of the woods. Here's what was reported in the post, "You Report: Traditional Masses around the World - X Mississippi" (February 12, 2008):
Our reader Nathan Blosser reports from the Diocese of Biloxi, in the United States:
On Saturday, February 9, 2008, at 6 P.M. Father John Noone celebrated the Mass according to the extraordinary form at Annunciation Catholic Church in Kiln, Mississippi. This was the first public Tridentine Mass in the entire state of Mississippi for about the last 8 years. A little over 100 people were in attendance with some driving well over an hour to attend.

Father Noone will celebrate the Extraordinary form throughout Lent and then determine if there is a genuine interest.
Congratulations to Father Noone and to the local Una Voce chapter. We encourage all readers in southern Mississippi and nearby areas in Louisiana to show their interest in the permanent celebration of the Traditional Mass in Kiln.
Check out the comments over a Rorate Caeli and on the Una Voce site for reactions from those who know the Mississippi scene, and also for the pictures. (Nathan sent me some other pictures, but I have no way of posting them at the moment. He says that at the first public Mass the servers included himself and Jonathan Goff, a 21 year old student from the University of Southern Mississippi who drives over an hour to serve.)

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