Thursday, December 28, 2006

New from Zaccheus Press

John H. O'Leary (not to be confused with Fr. Joseph O'Leary) has sent me, once again, an examination copy of a new book by Zaccheus Press, of which he is the publisher. The book is Union with God: Letters of Spiritual Direction by Blessed Columba Marmion, Selected and Annotated by Dom Raymond Thibaut (Bethesda, MD: Zaccheus Press, 2006). This long-out-of-print little gem was originally published in Belgium and translated into English under the title of Union with God According to the Letters of Direction of Dom Marmion (London: Sands & Co., 1934). The text of the Zaccheus edition is from the 1957 printing by B. Herder Book Co., with minor stylistic revisions.

As O'Leary writes in his accompanying letter, "It is a shorter and more accessible work than Christ, the Life of the Soul [which we reviewed in our post, "New Book," January 2, 2006], but still deep (as Fr. Toups notes in the Foreward, it was Mother Teresa's favorite book)." It would likely be a good choice for those who may be intrigued by Marmion but put off by the length of his other books.

Cardinal Mercier says of Marmion: "Those who know Dom Columba from his other works will find him here putting into practice, for himself and for others, the lessons he has taught elsewhere. In these letters they will find answers to their own questions, practical guidance in the course they should follow, simple regulations for ordinary lives even while the highest ideals are never suffered to pass out of sight."

Visit Zaccheus Press online, where, for a limited time, both books, Union with God and Christ, the Life of the Soul, are being offered for the combined low price of $30. Or contact Zaccheus Press, 4605 Chase Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814 - Tel. (301) 654-7057, or Email: JOL[at]ZaccheusPress[dot]com.

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