Monday, January 02, 2006

"Incriminating" pics

Well, my friends, as much as we may enjoy our highbrow intellectual discussions, holiday gourmet dishes and foofoo drinks along with the best of our blue state friends, we want to let you in on a little family secret: unlike some people, we don't for a moment think that life is all about philosophy, theology, sushi, cheese fondue, fine wine, creme brule , or tiramisu, as fine as those things may be. ... Consider:
Pictured left is Christopher, webmaster of the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club and Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club websites, taking a few pre-Christmas practice shots before venturing into the Smoky Mountains with his brother Jonathan for some days of rugged backpacking adventure -- of course, after winning $20 dollars from his brothers in poker with losers doing shots of Jim Beam. Pictured below is Chris, center, with his brothers, Nathan (left), and Jon (right).We realize that this may scandalize and confirm the worst suspicions of some of our readers, and for that we unrepentantly offer no apology. Christopher flew down over Christmas to hook up with his brothers (Jon fron Tennessee and Nathan from Virginia) and enjoy some of the finer things the South has to offer, like unlicensed firearms, beer for breakfast, and the Southern Christmas Smoked Pork Barbecue Tour (indeed, my vegetarian and vegan chums, unlike Samuel Jackson, we dig on swine)! For a favorite local barbecue establishment, featuring all the barbecue (that's a noun in the South) and iced tea you could ever want, live blue grass music, and clogging, visit Sim's Country Bar-B-Que, Inc. Chris also recommends Ed Boudreaux's Bayou Bar-B-Que in Asheville. For a reliable guide to moon pies, visit MoonPie.Com, and don't forget about RC Cola and pork rinds. The only thing you've gotta avoid is the fake Japanese stuff called "authentic Japanese cuisine" down here, featuring candied carrots and "shrimp sauce." If you come visit, just remember to draw out your vowels and slip in the dipthongs, and you should be alright -- as long as you're not discovered. I remember seeing a T-shirt that sported a picture of a good-ol' boy saying to his dog, "Let's go bite some Yankees," and the dog replying, with wagging tail, "I'll bring the beer." For related family pics, check here.

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