Wednesday, September 21, 2005

University Degrees without studying!

If this isn't a pathetic commentary on our times, I don't know what is: I received the following email amidst my daily spam in the "in" box yesterday. I was struck by the brazenness of it. Here's what it said:
Do you want a University Degree without studying? An Income that starts off high? The 0pportunity to just get in the door?

We can help. We have a LEGAL Offshore University that issues valid Degree's in any subject for a small fee.

Our Degree's work worldwide. Here's an example.

"I had no exper1ence at all in Marketing. I applied as a marketing consultant for a company. My University Degree & reference letters(issued with degree) got me the job in 1 week! My income is now $90,000 a year vs. $25,000. They still have no idea about not going to University, but love me at work for my creativity. You guys rock!."

- Jared T. xxxxxx
Miami, Florida

Call Today: 1-206-984-xxxx

Registrar Office
Kathy Helm
The last four digits of the telephone number have been deleted to prevent any bushy-tailed individual from getting any bright ideas. The last name of "Jared T." was already deleted in the original email, for obvious reasons. These folk are involved in immoral and criminal activity.

... Sigh ...

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