Saturday, February 19, 2005

Best introductions to Aristotle and Thomistic metaphysics

Anyone wishing to master or even gain an elementary acquaintance of Aristotelian thinking or Thomistic metaphysics must begin by learning what amounts to a new language--the language of Aristotle (pictured left), who was the teacher of Alexander the Great. In many ways this is analogous to learning the language of computers, where one must learn about "hard drives," "USB ports," "gigabytes," "CD-ROMs," and so forth. In the case of Aristotle and Thomistic metaphysics, you have to become familiar with the vocabulary that includes words like "substance," "accidents," "quality," "relation," "essence," and so forth.

For my recommendations of the best introductory books for Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas (pictured right), and Aristotelian-Thomistic metaphysics generally, read more on my blog, Philosophia Perennis (February 19, 2005).

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