Monday, January 17, 2005

The Easter Schism: a postscript

Eliot Bougis says in a comment he left on my recent (Jan. 14th) post on The Eastern Schism revisited (on my Scripture and Catholic Tradition blog) that the last time he drew readers' attention to his post about Eastern testimony to Roman primacy/supremacy, it caused "a veritable yellow poop storm" of controversy. (To read his post, click on his Saturday, November 13, 2005 post.) From the reaction to my own brief post, the pattern appears to be an inevitable one. Having neither the time nor inclination to join the fray at this point, I have posted a list of resources for cooler minds to make use of as they can and wish, in the interest of light rather than heat.

To read more, click on The Eastern Schism: A Postscript.

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