Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Yoder family nicknames

Some of my readers will know the progeny of Dr. J. Larry Yoder and his wife Marianne. I refer, of course, to their three sons, Nathan, Joshua, and David, all now graduates of Lenoir-Rhyne College. If, on one occasion or another, we were to hear them refer to one another, respectively, as "Narcus," "Oshi," or "Shrava," we might wonder what on earth they meant. These are all abbreviated forms of terms of endearment that evolved in the usage of their father during their childhood. Why they took these particular forms, don't ask me (though their father, Dr. Larry Yoder may be willing to tell you if you're really nice to him). The Yoder boys' childhood names in their entirety, I have learned, are as follows:
  • Nathan Yoder was "Ninga-Nooga-Nathan-Narcus-de Barfasoi."
  • Joshua Yoder was known as "Oshi-nazzer-fenuzzer-poo."
  • David Yoder was "Dava-shrava-octarava-inga-stinga-woo."
So if you happen across Nathan Yoder, who is teaching two ethics courses this fall at Lenoir-Rhyne College, you just might say to him "Hello Professor Narcus," and just see what happens. Or, if you run across Joshua Yoder, currently working for the Hickory Daily Record, you might just try greeting him with a friendly "Hey there, Oshi!" Or, if you value your life, you might just forget I ever told you this.

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