Monday, July 26, 2004

MA residents know Kerry only too well

A poll of 500 registered voters, weighted to reflect the Massachusetts electorate (which means three Democrats for every Republican), reveals that Massachusetts residents know him well:
  • 49 percent, nearly half of Massachusetts voters say that Sen. Kerry says what he believes people want to hear rather than what he really believes
  • 53 percent a majority of Massachusetts voters say he is more concerned with raising his national profile to being a serious legislator
  • Again nearly half 48 percent believe that flip flopper is a fair label and I'll remind you this is a poll weighted 3-to-1 Democrat
  • They also believe that John Edwards is more charismatic by 70 percent to 15 percent than is John Kerry
  • Sen. Kerry said that in 1991 he said, "I'm a liberal" but a few weeks ago he said, "I'm not a liberal I represent conservative values." But the people of Massachusetts have a different perspective they believe by 47 percent to 8 percent that Sen. Kerry takes liberal rather than conservative positions.
More details at (Gratia tibi, Christopher.)

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