Friday, February 26, 2016

Yet another unaccountable prospect from the pope of surprises?

As reported by Rorate Caeli (February 26, 2016), Argentine-Spanish Bishop of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), Alfonso de Galarreta, in a conference in Versailles, on January 17, suggested that Pope Francis is leaning towards "a one-sided recognition" of the SSPX. In his own words:
... I am not saying what I desire but what I foresee. I foresee, I think that the pope will lean towards a one-sided recognition of the Society, and that by acts rather than by a legal or canonical approach.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Accepted as a legitimate leader, he who tries to unify truth and error, fidelity and faithlessness?

Well, why not. A majority already hails him for his enlightened promotion of contraception.

Who knows, maybe he will"recognise" the sspx in acts feting Martin Luther, the mad monk whose Christology consisted of considering Christ as a composite of good and evil and an adulterous fornicator, among other, um, ideas.

One wonders what the reaction of the ultramontanists will be this coming October when he travels to Lund, Sweden and celebrates the 16th century protestant revolution and blames the revolution of the bad old mean judgmental legalistic Catholic Church?

We can look forward to seeing him bow down before a Lesbian Bishop (married to a lesbian) and ask for her blessing and then afterwards, maybe then he will state that we are a loving welcoming compassionate church that welcomes all people of good will from the lesbian Bishop Eva Brunne to Bishop Fellay.

Anonymous said...

An act of recognition with no binding power: a nod, a wink, and the freedom to drop the hammer hard when it suits him. SSPX has been down this road before. If I were Fellay I would be strangely unmoved by these reports of possibilities of coy flirtations from Pope Helterskelter I.