Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Al Gore's Pope Francis' prayer intentions for February 2016

You may remember the Holy Father's prayer intentions for January 2016, which seemed to be a call to recognize something like common good will in all world religions. Something like that.

Which leads me to ask: what happened to the Gospel? the Great Commission? Can someone help me understand this? Is this intended as a strategic move to get beyond the ascendant "bad press" surrounding the Catholic Church in recent years? Is it intended to show that the Church is "on board" with the most enlightened self-congratulatory instincts of the contemporary global culture? Is it intended to stave off persecution? Or is this what the Holy Father takes to be the heart of the Church's urgent Gospel message? Has the Catholic Church embraced the paradigm that H. Richard Niebuhr called the Christ of Culture? Has the Gospel been reduced to an echo of the world, an echo of what the world is already fashionably telling itself? This is all slickly edited and everything, but it sounds more like a public service announcement sponsored by the Green Party or Sierra Club than a proclamation of divine mercy (in this Jubilee Year of Mercy) for which the Son of God had to atone by sacrificing His life for the sins of the world. Sin? Whatever became of sin? Clarity, please.

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Not That Guy said...

Perhaps this is the answer: http://www.onepeterfive.com/gaia-church-love-the-earth-heaven-can-wait/