Monday, February 08, 2016

For the record: Alan W. Down on US foreign policy and religious liberty

Alan W. Dowd, "Not to be trusted" (The american Legion, January 19, 2016). Interesting.

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Unfortunately, the four freedoms did not include getting Washington DC out of Florida and as for democracy, it preceded Hitler and Lenin.

And why repeat the myth of 6 million Jews killed while failing to mention the over 50 million Christians killed by Russia, whose central committee was largely Jewish and why no mention of the 7 million christians starved to death in Ukraine in a program run by a Jew?

Racial supremacism; that is, Jews lives count for more which is why they are always counted in articles like this while the vastly larger number of Christians killed is never mentioned.

As for our puissant power, we understand it is a muscle always being exercised and, thus, always in good shape and ready to crush any men who stand in the way of its empire and its insatiable democratic appetite.

We live in an Evil Empire which, since its secession from the English Crown, has spent a higher percentage of its time at war than even Hilary has spent breaking laws as a career criminal.