Saturday, February 27, 2016

Francis Hit With Tranquilizer Dart By Swiss Guard Seconds After Putting Down Scripted Statement To Speak Off-Cuff

As reported HERE by the off-Ottaviani Blvd. Vatican news agency (Eye of the Tiber, September 22, 2015), from the Holy Father's US visit last year:
Pope Francis was hit with a tranquilizer dart this afternoon just moments after putting down a scripted speech to speak off-the-cuff with reporters on his flight to the U.S., officials are reporting.

In a 80-minute briefing to the media, a lighthearted Pope Francis began to speak “very candidly,” when the head of the Pope’s security team, reportedly realizing the havoc the off-the-cuff remark might have on the rest of the U.S. trip, discreetly glanced at another member of the security team and nodded. That’s when, one witness reported, the Holy Father was struck in the neck with the dart and “went down like a ton of bricks.”


Steve Dalton said...

Why can't this be real news!

Anonymous said...

The Holy Spirit speaks to us in many splendiferous ways, if only we will heed his dart.