Wednesday, February 03, 2016

How was the 16th Amendment 'ratified'? "103 consecutive years of legalised theft because what LOLA wants LOLA Gets"

Brought to you from the ever-endaring Amateur Brain Surgeon at (February 3, 2016), featuring, of course, LOLA (Legalised Oligarchy's Larcenous Aeaeae):

Or, as ABS but it in single breath:
The establishment wanted to take your money and spend it on their projects because they have always known how to spend it more wisely than you because y'all are acerebral limaceous lackeys who are not concerned with international business and international corporations and international banking but are selfishly focused of your faith and your family and y'all are easily denuded of your possessions by men who speak of national exceptionalism and so today we celebrate our One Hundred and Third consecutive year of being picked clean by the usurious establishment via the magic of a non-existent amendment.
Whew! He's breathing again now! (I think.)

[Hat tip to ABS Ministries]

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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Doc. As Founder and Chairman of ABE Ministry (Against Basically Everything) ABS thanks you for the boost and he just wants to know he wishes you had one-half as much fun reading it as he did writing it.